Letter to Chris Rolland, CEO of AllClear Travel Insurance

In this unprecedented time I have had my faith restored in humanity as we all come together to support and offer assistance to one another.  Everyone has been affected by COVID-19, some in life changing ways like losing jobs, livelihoods or loved ones.  Regardless, it seemed as though COVID-19 brought out the best in humanity.  National rail refunded season tickets and train fares, airlines gave additional credit, free rebooking and extended status benefits for 6 months to a year, hotels refunded bookings.  It seemed everyone was doing their part until it came to AllClear Travel Insurance.

It's bad enough that I am left with no option but to get my travel insurance from AllClear Travel.  The process of buying travel insurance is inhuman and is the one time I feel like a victim - that life has treated me unfairly by giving me cancer.  AllClear Travel do not treat me and my illness as a person with cancer, living exceptionally well all things considered.  Instead, I'm merely a process - complete the questionnaire and see which box I fit.  For the amount of money they charge for the policy, you would expect to have gold card service.  Not so - it's tick box process and profit at all costs.

I had hoped that the travel insurance industry, nowhere near as badly affected by COVID-19 as the airline industry, would follow suit and offer some flexibility and humanity.  Shame on you Chris Rolland and all the other executives at AllClear Travel Insurance.  COVID-19 gave you the opportunity to step up, to show you value customers over profit and you have chosen profit at all costs.  What will it take for you to realise the world has changed?

£164 refund on the couple months unused portion of my insurance - that gives you an idea of how much my annual policy cost...

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