Treatment at Guy's Cancer Centre resumes

I had treatment on Wednesday, the hottest day of the year so far.  I was dropped off at Guy's Cancer Centre by friends and didn't have to wait long for my blood test - one of the silver linings of COVID-19 lockdown.  I then had a couple hours to wait before getting my blood test results and treatment could start.

As I'd be stuck inside for most of the day I went for a walk by the river.  It's one of my favourite walks: through Borough Market, past the Golden Hinde, the Clink and then the long stretch by the Thames.  I love coming past The Anchor Pub and getting the view of St Pauls Cathedral and the Millennium Bridge.  I don't know what it is about that view but it always makes me reflect on the fact I'm a Kiwi girl, at home living in London.  I walked on past The Globe, all locked up, past the Tate Modern, usually a crowded with buskers, the Oxo Tower and along the tree lined path to the National Theatre, the Queens Jubilee Bridge and the London Eye, looking across to the Houses of Parliament on the other side of the river.

On my way back to the Cancer Centre I was surprised to find Borough Market open.  Having not seen a shop in two months I couldn't resist and wandered through grateful that for once it wasn't crowded.  I stopped and stared at the fruit, cheese and ham stalls.  It all looked so tempting but the concept of buying something suddenly seemed so alien.

Blood tests were all fine and I was shown my purple wipe clean chair.  Once again my port a cath played up - they could flush fluid through but they couldn't get any blood back.  I had a bag of saline put through and they tried again, no luck.  They tried a new needle, no luck.  Just when they were about to give up a third nurse tried and hallelujah, they were able to get blood back, treatment could resume.

As with every treatment, I pack a bag to take with me - my work laptop, headphones to listen to podcasts when work becomes too much, a book and of course snacks, or as today was a long one, lunch.  I ate my lunch but pretty quickly started to feel a knot in my stomach.  Thankfully the nurses gave me some anti nausea tablets and I spent the rest of the treatment dosing.

I was monitored for an hour after my treatment finished to make sure I didn't have any reaction and then I was allowed to go.  My ride would take 30 mins to come so I walked back by the river, past Tower Bridge to where I would get picked up.  Thankfully I felt so much better being back out in the fresh air and sunshine, but, exhausted from so much activity in one day, I went straight to bed as soon as I got home.

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