Treatment restarting on Wednesday!

I had a call from the Oncology team at Guy's Cancer Centre today and the good news is, treatment is back on!  They seemed to think I would be fine without treatment for a while but to be safe, I should start back on Trastuzumab, Pertuzumab and Zometa again.

My last treatment was on Weds 26 February, which means I've had a break from treatment of 12 weeks.  As I've had such a long break that means my treatment will resume at the "new dose" speed and will take 6 hours.  I also need a blood test and it will take up to two hours to get the blood test results so that's another two hours at the Cancer Centre.  It's gonna be a long day.

Not wanting to take the tube to Guy's Cancer Centre, especially as I'd be travelling a peak time to get there by 0900, I called the Wandsworth Community Hub.  I'd heard the news of thousands of volunteers signing up to help, maybe they had a scheme set up to take people to hospital appointments.  The girl was lovely but the Community Hub couldn't help.  She gave me a list of volunteer groups to try however I was either in the wrong borough, wrong hospital, or their services were only for the over 60's.  Thankfully friends who live locally and have a car have agreed to take me in and pick me up again.

I'm hoping the treatment won't give me any new side effects.  I was feeling really good, clear headed and able to focus for the first 6 weeks of lockdown.  Then a couple weeks ago I started a new medication, amitriptyline, which was supposed to help with the intolerable itch on my right shoulder.  Ever since I started chemo, I developed an itch, just on my right shoulder, there's no rash or redness,  just a crazy itch which makes you want to scratch your skin off.  The GP thought it could be caused by nerve damage.  I have to take the amitriptyline at night as it makes you sleepy and it certainly does make you sleepy.  Ever since I started taking it I've felt sluggish, tired and worse still, it hasn't stopped the itch on my right shoulder.  After discussing with my Oncologist, I'm going to stop taking it and try and find something else that will stop the itch!

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