I found out this morning that from Wednesday I'll be furloughed for three weeks.  Thankfully, in England the government is covering 80% of my salary while I'm furloughed and my employer, King's College London, will make up the other 20%.  I'm so grateful I'm not in America where there is no government financial support for furloughed workers.  At least I don't have the stress of losing salary.

I wasn't too sure about being furloughed initially.  Three weeks at home by myself, not allowed to do any work.  Without the distraction of work the days have the potential to drag.  So, I've volunteered my services to the New Zealand Business Women's Network.  Maybe they'll have a suitable project to keep me out of trouble.

With tedium setting in from three months of shielding in lockdown, I'm hoping this change in routine will be the stimulus I need to get my mojo back again.  And maybe, just maybe to have a proper nights sleep and not wake up at four in the morning.

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