Half way through furlough

I'm half way through furlough.  I had lists of things to do and great plans for the three weeks I'd be off work.   The list remains virtually untouched and discouragingly has grown longer.  It's fair to say I've struggled to find motivation.  The shielding and lack of external stimulus is taking its toll.

One positive thing I did do this week was restart my personal training sessions in the park with Hannah.  Last year, in desperate bid to do something about my weight, I signed up to some PT sessions.  Hannah was great - worked with what I could do, focussing on strength and balance.  I then had a break when I went back home to NZ for Christmas.  I had all good intentions of getting straight back in to it in January, but then I had a respiratory infection followed by surgery and then lock down.  Unbelievably it's now June, we're half way through the year, and I'm finally using up my remaining PT sessions.  I'm not sure whether I should strictly be having PT sessions in the park given that I'm shielding but at the moment it's a toss up between mental health and the risk of coronavirus.  

I felt great after my PT session and all that day however I woke the next morning to really really tight quads.  Thankfully, a friend is doing yoga via zoom and she had a class that morning.  Just what I needed to give my poor quads and legs a stretch.  The stretching was great but the balance poses put my poor muscles to the test again and I could barely walk on Friday.  

(not) parkrunThis morning I decided to try (not) parkrun.  I've been missing our local parkrun, or to be exact, the brunch following parkrun!  Being kind to myself, I allowed myself to walk/jog the 5 km route and actually enjoyed it.  Sadly there was no brunch to look forward to today however I took the time to appreciate all the wonderful greenery in the common and ended up at the duck pond - even if it is dirty water, there's something therapeutic about being near water.
Tooting Common

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