Transport to treatment during COVID-19

It's one of my biggest worries at the moment: how do I get to hospital for treatment?

The government asked the public to volunteer to help the NHS and others during the COVID-19 pandemic and the public responded.  A million people signed up, 750,000 more than the government expected.  So where are all these volunteers now?

My first treatment during lockdown was on Wednesday 20 May.  I asked the hospital how I should get to my treatment and I was advised I could take the tube.  Thinking this rather incongruous with the advise to shield - avoid contact with friends & family and not to leave the house - I didn't feel comfortable going to my appointment in a poorly ventilated, dirty tin can where I couldn't control who came within 2m of my personal space.

I called my local council community hub which had been set up to offer help to the vulnerable during lockdown.  They weren't aware of anyone providing transport to hospital appointments but gave me a list of local charities I could try.  I called all four and I was either living in the wrong catchment area, too young or they just didn't provide transportation.  Where have all the volunteers gone?

While I'd taken the odd taxi to hospital in 2018, I'd only taken them when I was needing to get myself to A&E and there was no other option.  A taxi from my place to Guy's Cancer Centre would be at least £20 one way.  That's £40 every three weeks for the foreseeable future just so I can get my treatment.

With my only option of getting to hospital appointments being tube or car, I'm calling on favours from friends in London who own cars.  I'm now having to ask friends to interrupt their working day to pick me up, drive in to central London to drop me off and then do the same thing all over again about three hours later to pick me up again.  While friends have been very good humoured about it at the moment, I can't see this as a sustainable option.

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