Bone scan

 Thank you to everyone who's been asking how the bone scan went on Friday.  I'm relieved to say it was a much less stressful experience this time.  

I'm not sure if it's because I knew what to expect from the scan but the machine didn't seem to hover over my head and face as long this time.  It felt like I could un-scrunch my eyes and start breathing again a lot quicker!  I'm not sure if COVID has reduced the number of patients having bone scans but there were no delays, the injection and scan were both on time and the staff were friendly and relaxed which really helped me to feel more relaxed.  There was even classical music playing in the room I had the scan. 

Another aspect that helped this time was the bone scan was at Guy's Hospital - ground floor, Borough Wing, nuclear medicine.   Last time I had to traipse all the way over the Charing Cross Hospital which was a long walk from a bus stop and then involved navigating my way along a rabbit warren of corridors to find the nuclear medicine department.  Between the injection at 1130 and the scan at 1400 I was able to leave the hospital and go for a walk.  Guy's Hospital has Borough Market five minutes away so I met a friend and as it was so hot we enjoyed a gelato while wandering around the market which, for once, wasn't heaving with tourists.

I'll get my bone scan results during my phone consultation with my oncologist on Monday 17 August - just a week to wait.  While my knees are still really sore, I think it is just wear and tear, old age and the fact they're supporting a considerably heavier me at the moment.  I know for sure next week.

Borough Market


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