Finally, an appointment with the dermatologist to try and sort out the mad crazy itch on my right shoulder.  I was referred to Catriona Maybury at St George's University Hospital.  St George's is just down the road in Tooting so I was able to take the bus rather than tube to my appointment.

I was so disappointed with the appointment.  As there's nothing to see - there's no rash or redness, the skin just looks normal, the dermatologist decided to do some blood tests to check for the cause of the itching.  However, I've pretty much had those blood tests throughout my chemo treatment and they haven't shown anything unusual up.  I'll get the results from those blood tests by phone consultation on Monday 24 August.  If the blood tests don't show any skin conditions or other disease then she said it's probably a reaction to one of the drugs I'm on and just keep the area moisturised.   So no relief from the interminable itch that's driving me crazy.

Or maybe the itch is my itchy feet not being able to get out and about???  Government shielding restrictions eased at the weekend.  It doesn't feel like much has changed though.  For the past couple weeks I have been popping in to the local shops to pick up extra bits that I missed off the grocery delivery.  I've had to take the tube to my hospital appointments so I've been on public transport.  It's taken some getting used to the new etiquette of queueing to go in to a shop and talking through a mask.  Even though the government is encouraging us to eat out, I still don't feel comfortable going out for dinner yet.  Balham has had one of its streets closed off so the restaurants can put tables outside for people to dine safely.  It gives it a nice vibe but the view is of a supermarket car park!  

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