Bone scan results

And just like that we've had the last Bank Holiday weekend before Christmas.  I so wanted to get to the seaside for the long weekend but didn't want to be in crowds so decided to stay in London.  I'm so pleased I did - with the temperature dropping the heating was back on!

I've had a couple of results through recently from the dermatologist and my bone scan.  Dermatologist results first:  Pruritus screen on bloods - all normal.  As a result the dermatologist has put the insufferable itch down to a reaction to the drugs I'm on.  I'm definitely going to bring it up again with my oncologist when I see them in October. 

Bone scan results:  I think it's good news - or at least the oncologist didn't seem overly concerned about them.  To quote from the oncologist's letter "There has been resolution of some sites of disease in comparison to her baseline scan in March 2018 but the cancer at L1 and the right acetabulum appears more pronounced.  There is no evidence of symptomatic progression in these areas and I have arranged for a restating CT scan prior to her next appointment in eight weeks' time."

So it seems the pain in my knees is just wear and tear and old age.  Now I need to rethink my exercise so it's low impact and doesn't aggravate my knees but is enough to get the heart rate going and shift some of this excess weight.

I asked the oncologist about exercise and going to the gym and he was more than happy for me to do anything.  My gym has just reopened and I'm proud to say that I went three days last week.  It's a totally new process - you have to prebook an hour long session, then be checked in by a member of staff.  The entrance to the gym is separate from the swim or cycle class entrances.  I book in for the first session each morning so that everything is fresh and clean.

Run/walk in the park


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