Ooh, my knees, my knees!

A constant throb, more than a dull ache but not excruciating yet.  The pain is definitely getting worse.  When I got my bone scan results I was really pleased that the pain in my knees wasn't from any disease progression.  I decided it was down to my knees having to carry a whole load of extra weight and my glutes not being strong enough to help the poor old knees out.  I eased myself back into the gym, not wanting to overdo anything but just pleased that I'd got myself out the flat. 

This weekend I rather overdid it with late nights so on Monday I woke feeling exhausted.  I didn't want to let myself down though so I went to the gym but really felt my knees the whole time.  Then in the afternoon I went for a walk.  I don't know how much CBD cream I rubbed into my knees that night but it didn't touch the sides so I took some codeine.  Even that didn't ease the throbbing.  I finally fell asleep listening to my podcasts.

Tuesday I decided to take it easy and see if my knees eased up.  I stayed in the flat all day and struggled getting out of my chair and embarrassingly on and off the loo!  My knees just had no strength, I was having to push myself up with my arms.  Another rather sleepless night spent rubbing CBD cream onto my knees in between snatched pockets of slumber.

Wednesday - I should have been back at the gym but as my knees weren't any better I took the executive decision not to go.  Once again I didn't leave the flat but my knees were throbbing constantly and the pain was getting worse.  By yesterday I'd had enough.  I needed to run some errands so set off walking.  I was hoping the pain would ease up once my knees had warmed up but I could feel them the whole way and rather than walking I felt like I was doing a very unsightly waddle.  Fed up with the pain and inability to do even the simplest of things, I called the oncology teams at Guy's Hospital.  There had to be some explanation for this pain.

Seems like it's early onset osteoarthritis.  Sadly this totally fits the symptoms - making movement more difficult, leading to pain and stiffness.  Oh the joys!  The cure - keep myself topped up with panadol, the odd dose of codeine when needed and to keep moving.  Thankfully the panadol does seem to be relieving some of the pain but I'm still waddling and having to heave myself in and out of chairs.  I fear the walking stick may be back in use before long.


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