What is Cancer Club?

Cancer Club (n):  a club you never chose to join but have a life membership to.

I joined the Cancer Club when I met my husband Matt, who lived with a grade 4 glioblastoma brain tumour. Eventually, I became his carer, and struggled to balance caring, a career and living.  We didn't have children so it was just Matt and me-- and then Matt, me and Syra, our sassy collie/husky cross.

Matt passed in November 2013 and it was just me and Syra.  I was suddenly single again.  My amazing sister and my close girlfriends rallied round and helped me through those initial years of widow’s club and adapting to life without Matt.  Then in 2018 I was diagnosed with advanced breast cancer.

Chadder's Cancer Club was born.  It was no longer just Matt's story but mine as well.  

Chadder’s Cancer Club chronicles my learnings from being inspired by Matt’s approach to living well with cancer,  my experience of caring for someone with incurable cancer and my ambition to live well with cancer.  Because of my personal circumstances, it focuses on single cancer clubbers, those without a partner or children and those without family nearby.  

Cancer Club is for fully signed up cancer clubbers - those living with cancer, or cancer survivors.  

Cancer Club is for carers.  I know from experience how tough it is being a carer, especially when everyone is asking about the cancer clubber and seems to forget how emotionally draining it is on the carers, be they partners, family or close friends.

Cancer Club is for those who have lost loved ones to cancer.  To remember those who have gone too early but also to celebrate their lives.  To use them as a reminder to not sweat the small stuff, to live life so you have no regrets.

Cancer Club is for friends, family, and support networks, so that they might learn how to support and be there for a cancer clubber, especially a single person, living with cancer.  

Cancer Club aims to acknowledge the multitude of cancer charities and support groups which are available to help you and those close to you, wherever you are on your cancer journey.

But Cancer Club isn’t all work and no play!  Life doesn't have to stop just because you have cancer.  But it does change.  It's about focussing on what you can do, not what you can't, and finding ways to make the impossible possible.  So Cancer Club has a special focus on Matt’s and my passion, globetrotting.

I hope that Cancer Club will inspire you to live your life to the full.  


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